TVCd | Double Chamber pressure over vaccuumcasting machine

TVCd is the pressure over vacuum casting machine designed to meet the more severe needs in lost wax casting production. This machine works with a new, revolutionary double chamber concept. This innovative system gives several advantages compared with the traditional single chamber suction system currently available in the market. In TVCd melting chamber and flask chamber are completely independent and at the moment of casting the machine controls the metal injection into the mold by applying a differential presure during pouring. This leads to a faster injection compared to simply gravity pouring with the benefit to cast items at lower temperature. The result is a better surface finishing of the cast parts

The casting cycle takes only a few minutes and, while the previous cycle is at the cooling stage, the next charge can be loaded into the crucible to be melted, thus overlapping two cycles for an increase of productivity. The machine is fully automatic having also a PC based monitoring system for process variable acquisition and production data management with easy editing of casting programs suitable for many kinds of alloy (optional) This revolutionary machine is the synthesis of the most advanced engineering and 20 years of experience in casting that only TOPCAST can bring inside your factory.

Technology, features, technical data

Gas Wash Procedure
  • Crucible loading operation introduces oxygen - The Gas Wash Purge procedure remove the oxygen (1) in a very fast and efficient way and then refills back the chambers with Argon or Nitrogen gas (2) 
  • Compared with the tradi - tional crucible protection by dilution, the consumption of gas is dramatically reduced and the alloys oxidation is minimized; moreover the crucible life is increased
  • Advanced Self Tuning thermoregulation (AST™) with exact temperature control of the melted alloys
  • Two Set-Points available: Homogenization and Casting Temperature
  •  Set-up with multiple thermocouples available on request
  • Medium frequency induction heating stirs the melted alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity
  •  Pulse Stirring Management (PSM™) for an extremely low frequency stirring
Injection and Compression
  • When the stopper rod lifts up, it is very important to control the injection rate to avoid turbulences
  •  TVC has the unique feature to have the injection rate controllable and programmable (IRC™)
  •  The metal enters smoothly inside the mold (4). Then, after filling and during the solidification phase, a strong compression takes place on the tree (5)
  •  No turbulences in filling and high compression rate lead to a large reduction of shrinkage porosity phenomena
Tree protection after castion
  •  Thanks to the double chamber concept, after the solider phase, the flask cools down in a protective atmosphere while at the same time you can load your alloy in the melting chamber for the next melting
  • This operation will allows an overlapping of the casting cycles which will give you the ability to protect longer the tree before removing it without loosign time and productivity.

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