The MONO MAXI INTUITIVE injector is able to produce large parts maintaining their weight over time.

 Injector has an Android 10.1′′ Industrial PC in the control unit, with specially developed apps that allows to save recipes with photos and manage and control production orders. Thanks to the abili- ty to connect remotely it is compatible for Industry 4.0. It is equipped with a transparent melting tank with a constant vacuum system, digital sensors to control the pressures that always allow to check from the IPC the graph of the vacuum trend on the mold during injection, an RFID reader, a 120-cmc injection syringe with final temperature regu- lation and self-centering clamp with 250x155mm plates.


Technical Specifications
Moulds Machine
Min 50 x 30 x 12 mm  54 kg
Max 250 x 155 x 80 mm 81 x 38 x 53 cm


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