The ENDURA series combines an aggressive design with an essential line, which characterizes and enhances its strength and sturdiness, resulting in a machine with a slender line with two work- stations.
Injector with essential electronics, equipped with 7′′ touch screen interface, allows a total control on the injection process, easy maintenance and powder-coated aluminum and stainless-steel sur- faces make this injector particularly reliable and suitable even for the most difficult environments. It is equipped with a transparent melting tank with a constant vacuum system, a vacuum switch to check the vacuum in the mold, an RFID reader, an 8-cmc injection syringe with final temperature regulation and a self-centering clamp with 120x90mm plates.


Technical Specifications
Moulds Machine
Min 50 x 30 x 12 mm  38 kg
Max 120 x 90 x 47 mm 60 x 38 x 53 cm


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